ERROYL - Heritage Collection - What do you receive?
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ERROYL - Heritage Collection - What do you receive?

January 25, 2015

The Heritage Collection is our first release of automatic watches and features three models, the E30 Heritage Black, E30 Heritage White and the rose gold plated E30 Heritage Rose.

Each watch is delivered with the following items:

  • Internal display box;
  • Outer cardboard box;
  • Heritage Collection booklet;
  • Certificate of Authenticity;
  • Warranty card; and
  • Microfibre cloth

ERROYL - The Heritage Collection

The Heritage Collection is proving very popular with limited stock remaining of the E30 Heritage Rose.  The E30 Heritage White is our next most popular model and our most versatile, in our opinion, for any style of clothing.  The E30 Heritage Black is not far behind and provides a more relaxed feeling than the other models in our collection.

Note: The image above shows an extra band - this was part of a special offer to our early bird supporters on Kickstarter.